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Research Students (for Residents in Japan) from April, 2012 are wanted UpdateTime:2012-02-08 10:00:00

We start accepting application of research students from April, 2012 (for residents in Japan only)

Application Period: February 13th (Mon) ~ 17th (Fri), 2012

Regarding accepting research students, we can accept them only in the case there are not any difficulties in research and education. So, please turn in the specified application documents during the period above after obtaining the informal concent professor whom you want to get education in advance.

Besides, it is NOT the applicaion information of vetarinary-in-training in our university.

For application forms and the other notes, please take a look at the application guidebook below (Sorry it is only in Japanese now).
You can download the application guidebook and application forms from the attached data below.

*Please remember...
You need a prescribed form of our university regarding paying testing fee. Please contact to section in charge below for it.


Academic Planning Group, Office of Student Services, Iwate University
(Window #1, 1st floor, Student Center A)
Tel: 019-621-6055 Fax: 019-621-6065


Regarding research students, please see the webpage.


International House couple room and Dormitories new residents wanted UpdateTime:2012-02-02 11:00:00

We want new residents of the International House couple room and Dormitories from April, 2012.

If you hope to apply it, see the file below (poster (for details)) carefully and apply it as the file follws.

Deadline: Februay 24th, 2012 (absulute deadline)


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