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Iwate University Digest News & Events (Nov.4 to Nov.17 No.2) UpdateTime:2018-02-16 16:00:00

6. Masaru Kurosaka of Graduate School of Education(Professional School for Teaching Education) awarded "Graduate Student Study Incentive Award" at Japanese Science Study Touhoku Branch Society in Nov.3,2017.
Web-CReSS for Education: Cumulonimbus Cloud model
Contact: Nagoshi, Department of Studies in Science and Mathematics Education, Faculty of Education

7. Faculty of Education Art course "Time Trip Exhibition"
Date and time : November 7 (The)- 15 (Wed)
10:00-18:00 (Sat, Sun and the last day : -17:00)
Place : Iwate University Library, First floor, Azaria gallery

8. Open class of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was carried out.
Date: November 17 (Fri)
Graduate School and Specialized Education Division, Specialized Education Group
TEL : 019-621-6603 E-mail : gsenko@iwate-u.ac.jp

9. The lecture of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was held in October 27 (Fri). Two graduates talked as a lecturer.
Contact: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
TEL : 019-621-6704, 6701 E-mail : hsomu@iwate-u.ac.jp


Iwate University Digest News & Events (Nov.4 to Nov.17 No.1) UpdateTime:2018-02-16 16:00:00

1.The 35th regular meeting of Hiraizumi culture was held
1.Date: November 20, 2017 17:00~18:30
2.Place: Iwate university Faculty of education building 1F 162 lecture room
3.Theme: Change of Moutu temple garden
Contact: The secretariat of Hiraizumi culture reseraching center
℡ 019-621-6529 Fax 019-621-6529 E-mail ryukaiu@iwate-u.ac.jp

2.【Global village】Double lecture :Lecture by Tetsuya Kamijo, JICA Research Fellow
Tuesday, Nov.14 at Multipurpose Room, Stu. Center-B(1F)
Environmental impact assessment via text analysis
Global environmental issues and JICA'S contribution
Mr. Tetsuya Kamijo: Engineer, Japan Environmental Impact Assessment Research Fellow, JICA Research Institute
Contact: Global education center williamb@iwate-u.ac.jp / hhirai@iwate-u.ac.jp

3.Exhibition “Drawing the forest of Gandai”
Date: From November 6 to November 30, 2017
Reference: Faculty of education Mizoguchi TEL:019-621-6831

4. Award ceremony of Nickname and Safety pray of "Iwate University and Iwate Bank Nursery Construction" was held on Nov.7.
Contact : Personnel Support Division

5. Two teachers and eight students from Beijing University elementary school visited Iwate University elementary school from Nov.7 to Nov.10
Contact :International Office


Iwate University Digest News & Events (Oct.21 to Nov.3 No.2) UpdateTime:2018-02-16 16:00:00

5. On October 11, 2017, UURR international symposium "International Symposium about Protection and Management of World Heritage" at Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute, Luoyang city in China was held.
◯Date and Time:Oct.11, 2017 9:00~12:00
◯Place: Meeting Room,Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute, Luoyang city in China
Inquiries: Center for Hiraizumi Studies

6. "Iwate University International Months" held
Nov.1 to Nov.30, 2017
For more details, please look at this website.
Inquiries: International Office

7. Multilingual PR of Iwate University! ~ Activity of PR Associate! ~
PR associate report their life in Iwate University and Morioka with website and SNS of International Exchange.
Iwate University International Exchange SNS
Contact : International Office iuic@iwate-u.ac.jp

8. New design for the front-gate signboard was decided!
Contact : General Administration and Public Relations Division
019-621-6006 ssomu@iwate-u.ac.jp

9. Exhibition “Looking and Expression”
(1)Date and time : November 13 (Mon) – November 18 (Sat) 10:00-18:00
(2)Place : 4-30, Zaimokutyo, Morioka, Iwate Art shop Saikado S-SPACE
Contact : Faculty of Education, Mizoguchi


Iwate University Digest News & Events (Oct.21 to Nov.3 No.1) UpdateTime:2018-02-16 16:00:00

Translated by Public Relations Office Student Staff
Haruka, Chihiro and Yuki

1.SIP/Innovation of design production technology seminar was held.
♦Date: November22, 2017 13:00~16:30
♦Place: Industrial technology center of Iwate prefecture 1st floor Large Hall
Sponsor: Industrial technology center of Iwate prefecture
Cosponsor: Iwate University
  Reference: Organization for Revitalization of the Sanriku Region and Regional Development
TEL: 019-621-6292  sipmono@iwate-u.ac.jp

2. UNHCR refugee film festival (Global village film festival) was held.
Date: November 1, 12:00~14:00
Film shown: Nice People
Place: Iwate university students center B Multipurpose room
Reference: Global education center iuic@iwate-u.ac.jp

3.Open classes were held
November 6 to November 10
Reception time: 8:30 to 17:00 school hour: 8:40 to 18:00
Reference: Student Services and Planning Division uec@iwate-u.ac.jp

4. Land Cultivation Study 2nd Meeting
◯Date and Time:11.21,2017(Tue) 13:30~15:30(Lecture:90min,Exchange of opinions: 30min)
〒026-0001 3-75-1 Heita, Kamaishi, Iwate
Inquiries: Revitalization for Sanriku-region Support Division


Iwate University Digest News & Events (Oct.7 toOct.20 No.1) UpdateTime:2018-01-14 10:00:00

Translated by Public Relations Office Student Staff
Haruka, Chihiro and Yuki

1. Animal memorial ceremony was held.
Date and Time : October 25 (Wed), 2017 16:00~16:30
Place : The tombstone ※Besides animal hospital
Contact : Faculty of Agriculture kirigane@iwate-u.ac.jp

2. Latest public relations magazine,「Hi ! We are Iwate university」has been published.
Contact: Public relations office Phone:019-621-6015 E-Mail:kkoho@iwate-u.ac.jp

3. Application Acceptance for graduate school, 2018 (For overseas residents)
Contact: Student affairs and planning division gkyomu@iwate-u.ac.jp 019-621-6055

4. Iwate University Kenji Miyazawa Center 97th Study meeting was held.
◯Date and Time:Nov.24,2017(Fri)17:00~18:00
◯Place: Faculty off agriculture,2nd Floor, Meeting Room I, Iwate university
◯Teacher: Manabu Akashi(Former Part-time teacher, Kitazawa university)
*Admission free
Inquiries: Naohiro Kimura, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


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