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Highly Secure and Super High-Speed Pseudo-Random Number Generator for Information Safety and Security



Faculty of Education
Professor Hitoaki Yoshida
【Information Security】

Super high-speed and secure cryptographic technologies

Our research builds a secure system by controlling the nature of chaos like long-term unpredictability and sensitivity to initial conditions. Normal ciphers can be decrypted if the key and algorithm are discovered. However, our research was still unable to decrypt it due to the hardware and compiler dependencies. In turn, if the system does not require such high level of security, the cipher can be made more common by reducing the dependencies. For the 901 different chaos neural networks (CNN), we successfully made 134,000,000 threads to work in parallel using the GPGPU. As a result of this, the speed of pseudorandom number generation reached 4.38 Tbps (4.38×1012 bit per second). The period was 1011052 and is regarded as a super-long period. It is a theoretical value based on an experimental value. We used the Chaos Neural Network (CNN) that we developed as a chaos generator. The basic unit is very simple as described on the right, which is composed of four conventional artificial neurons (artificial neural elements) that are used in the BP method and Hopfield network.

For the protection of personal information and confidential information

Ciphers can be easily made by combining pseudorandom numbers and XOR operations. If the speed of random numbers generation is 4.38 Tbps, information that runs through the internet backbone can be encrypted. In addition, GPGPU uses a low-cost GPU (graphics processing unit) unlike super computers and this suggests that our technologies could be operated by the standard smartphones in the near future. A GPU was originally for image processing for personal computers although it has evolved into a unit that is capable of performing super high-speed parallel computation. Our technologies manifest in the most advanced pseudorandom number generator that is one of the fastest in the world. We have launched two products so far in collaboration with businesses. In fiscal 2004-2005, we launched a CF card reader/writer, AMI-410CF with encryption engine from Adtek System Science with the support of the Dream of Iwate, Iwate Strategic Research Promotion Project and held a press conference at the Iwate Prefectural Hall. The patent we obtained through this technology was licensed to businesses. There is no perfect solution for protecting personal information and confidential corporate information on the internet. There are an increasing number of computer viruses, malware, and targeted attacks that use them, and it is no longer rare for large corporations to suffer hundreds of millions of data leaks. Our technologies are expected to cater to resolving such problems by helping in self-defense to survive this era.