Reiwa 2nd Iwate University entrance ceremony (2020.4. 7 )



Reiwa 2nd Iwate University Graduate School Entrance Ceremony

Date: From 9:30 on Tuesday, April 7
(Opening time: 8:45 Scheduled end time: 10:10)
Venue: Iwate Prefectural Hall Middle Hall

Reiwa 2nd year Iwate University entrance ceremony

Date: From 10:30 on Tuesday, April 7
(Numbered ticket distribution: 9:00 Opening time: 9:30 Scheduled end time: 11:10)
Venue: Iwate Prefectural Hall Large Hall

About numbered tickets

The number of guardian seats at the undergraduate entrance ceremony hall (large hall) is limited, and if parents over the number of seats can be seen, they will be distributed simultaneously in another hall (middle hall). You can see the video. Along with this, when entering the venue for parents and families, we will distribute a parent seat entry numbered ticket (reserved seating ticket) from 9 am on the day. Please note that the numbered ticket distribution time may be advanced if there are many visitors. (Numbered tickets will not be distributed at the graduate school entrance ceremony.)


・ After the entrance ceremony, a new student orientation will be held. (For undergraduate students and parents of undergraduate students)
・ The parking lot at Iwate Prefectural Hall is limited, so please use public transportation when visiting.

For inquiries about this matter:
General Affairs and Public Relations Division   General Affairs Group   Kudo, Buto  
019- 621-6006