Call for Participants: Essay Contest "Living in the Corona Era?" (2020.12.25 〜 2021.1.29)



 Our life has been affected by the global pandemic COVID-19. You may have difficulty in many situations, such as online classes, restriction of meeting family and friends, going back to your home country, part time jobs, and more. But on the other hand, we had new experiences such as : having fun with online Nomikai (drinking party), and web job interviews.  
Why don't you share an essay "Living in the Corona Era" . You can introduce your experiences with COVID-19 to the international exchange staff. Certificates and prizes will be awarded to the winners.

◆Entry Requirements
International students enrolled in higher education institutions

◆Entry procedure
-Download the format from the web page.
-You need to include the followings in your essay:
. •How was life affected by COVID-19?
. •How did you figure out a way to deal with COVID-19?
. •What's better now than before?
 ①Up to 800 characters if in Japanese(1 typed A4 page.)
 ②Up to 300 words if in English(1 typed A4 page.)
 ③You can insert a picture if you want.
-We accept one essay per person.
-Send your essay as an attachment to an email.

◆Deadline : January 29th, 2021

① An essay already published elsewhere or entered to other contests will not be accepted.
② The essay cannot be replaced or modified after entry.
③ The copyright of the essay belongs to the Iwate Association for International Students and Communities, and it will not be returned.
④ If the essay contains personal identifiable information, we may edit the original document.
⑤ The Iwate Association for International Students and Communities has the right to use the contents shared for our events, journals, web and SNS (social media).

For inquiries about this matter:
International Office