Mr. Satoshi Ogawa decided as the final candidate for the next president



The Iwate University Presidents' Selection Committee selected candidates for the next President following the expiration of the current President's term (until March 31, 2). As a result, Mr. Satoshi Ogawa was decided as the final President.

1 Deliberation process of the presidential selection meeting
The president's selection meeting has been held eight times so far, and careful consideration has been given from the formulation of the president's selection plan to the selection of the final president candidate. The main discussions are as follows.

① Announcement of the presidential selection plan (June 21)

② Recommendations for president candidates (June 21 to August 30)
* Recommended qualified person:
(I) President selection committee
(II) A person who can recommend a candidate for the president (Article 3, Paragraph 2 of the National University Corporation Selection Guidelines)

③ Decision of president candidates (September 27)
Decide candidate for president
Satoshi Ogawa Director (General Affairs, Planning and Evaluation), Vice President
Kurashima Eiichi, Director of Agriculture
Kenichi Funabashi, Director of Science and Engineering
Tomomi Miyamoto Vice President (in charge of gender equality, public relations and environmental management)

④ Held a meeting to listen to the presidential candidate's opinions (October 31)

⑤ Intentional hearing (November 21)

⑥ Interview with the president candidate (November 26)

⑦ Final president decision (November 26)
Mr. Satoshi Ogawa is decided as the final president candidate.

2 Selection reasons
The president's selection meeting is based on the screening procedures set forth in the "Iwate University President's Selection Rules". As a result of making a comprehensive decision based on the statement of statements, statements of questions in the meeting to hear the president's candidate's opinion, questions and answers, intention interviews, interviews by the president's selection meeting, etc. As a leader in education, research, and management, with leadership, motivation and enthusiasm for promoting education and research, understanding social contributions and social collaboration, willingness to work on university reforms by grasping the current situation, and establishing a financial foundation He is a person who can demonstrate excellent leadership in managing the university and has sufficient qualities and abilities as stipulated in the selection criteria. Determined.

3 President's term
The term of office is from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2024

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