Iwate University Degree Diploma Conferral Ceremony



On Monday, March 23, a graduation ceremony was held on the campus, with only the total receipt of the diploma and the total amount of the replies being attended. In this fiscal year, the graduation ceremony and graduation graduation ceremony at Iwate Prefectural Hall have been discontinued, and the state of the graduation ceremony will be distributed live. It was implemented.
This year, 298 graduate students (including one awarded degree by doctoral dissertation) and 1,010 undergraduate students, a total of 1,308 people, have started anew.

At the graduation ceremony, seven graduate students and four undergraduate representatives were awarded diplomas by President Akira Iwabuchi.
In addition, Hanako Hienuki, a graduate student of the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, and Fumina Shibata, a graduate of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Biological Science, each responded on behalf of graduates and graduates.

You can see the state of the day from here.

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Congratulations to all graduates and graduates.

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