Organization Chart

Management Organization

Education and Research Organization

Faculty Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Faculty of Agriculture
Graduate School Master's Program Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Professional School for Teaching Education(Professional School for Teaching Education) Graduate School of Education
Doctoral Program Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences
United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (UGAS)
Education and Research Facilities Research Center for Regional Disaster Management
Center for Hiraizumi Studies
Sanriku Fisheries Research Center
Research Center for Manufacturing Technology
Agri-Innovation Center
Education and Research Platform Institution Health Care Center
Super-Computing and Information Sciences Center
University Library
International Education Center
Education and Research Assistance Center Education Management Center
Admissions Center
Teacher Training Promotion Center
Research Support and Industry-Academic Collaboration Center
Radioisotope Research Center
Office of Special Administration Office of Environmental Management
Office of Evaluation
Office for Equality and Diversity
Office of Regional Education

Administrative Organization

Office of Controller
Corporate Planning Department Office of Strategic Planning and Evaluation Analysis
Administration Bureau

Student Services Department

Student Services Division
Student Support Division
Admissions Office
International Office
Research and Regional Cooperation Department Research Promotion Division
Regional Cooperation Division
Administrative Office of Kamaishi Campus
Corporate Administration Department General Administration and Public Relations Division
Personnel Division
Academic Information Division
Finance Division
Accounting Division
Facilities Division
Fund Office
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Administration Office
Faculty of Education Faculty Administration Office
Faculty of Science and Engineering Faculty Administration Office
Faculty of Agriculture Faculty Administration Office
Technical Division Technical Office for Science and Engineering
Technical Office for Agriculture
Technical Office for Information and Communication Technology