Housing and Living Environment

International House (Kokusai Koryu Kaikan)

International House (Kokusai Koryu Kaikan) On-campus housing for international students and researchers is available. The residence period is for one year. Notice of the application procedure will be posted on bulletin boards and the homepage. Applications will be accepted in February (for April move-in) and July (for October move-in).

Student (Single)Student (Couple)Researcher
No. of rooms 30 3 3
Monthly Rent ¥ 5,900 ¥ 11,900 ¥ 6,700
Common area charge ¥ 3,100 ¥ 4,600 ¥ 3,100
Cleaning expense (paid upon moving out) ¥ 5,900 ¥ 11,900 ¥ 6,700
  • Room furnishings: toilet, kitchenette, refrigerator, heater, desk, bed Common Facilities: Shower room (coin operated), Laundry room (coin operated).
  • Address : 3-18-27 Ueda, Morioka, Iwate, Japan
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International House (Kokusai Koryu Kaikan) Iwate University operates four dormitories where international and Japanese students can live together. Jikeiryo, Dohoryo and Hokuoryo are for men. Kobairyo is for women. International students wishing to live in these dormitories should have a higher competency in the Japanese language. Applications will be accepted twice a year: February (occupancy from April) and July (occupancy from October). Application for Jikeiryo is accepted once since it only accepts new occupants in April. Notice of the application procedure will be posted on bulletin boards and the International Center's homepage, along with information for the International House.

Men' s dormWomen' s dorm
No. of rooms 5 (2-person) 13 (Single) 9 (Single) 15 (Single)
Monthly Rent ¥14,000
2 years 1 year

* Other charges: Utilities and a small monthly dormitory activity fee

  • Room furnishings : toilet, kitchenette, refrigerator, heater, desk, bed Common Facilities : shower room (coin operated), bathroom, laundry room (coin operated).
  • Address :
    Jikeiryo/Dohoryo : 3-18-15 Ueda, Morioka, Iwate (In campus) Hokuoryo/Kobairyo : 4-17-18 Takamatsu, Morioka, Iwate (a 15-minute walk from campus)
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Private Housing

Students can search for private housing at the on-campus student Co-op's division of housing and local real estate. In Japan, before moving into a rental property, the renter needs a joint guarantor and is required to pay a deposit, a possible landlord gratuity, a possible handling charge and one month's rent in advance. Iwate University can serve as a joint guarantor of any international student who decides to buy "Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan." The average monthly rent in Morioka City is ¥ 20,000 - ¥ 50,000.