Contacts by Main Topic

Topic Section responsible Telephone no. Email address
Iwate University General Administration and public Relations Division 019-621-6006 ssomu(at)
Entrance examinations Admissions Office 019-621-6064 Please contact by phone or fax.
Tuition fees Accounting Division 019-621-6031 zsuito(at)
Scholarships Student Support Division 019-621-6882 gseikatu(at)
International students International Office 019-621-6076 gryugaku(at)
Student recruitment Career Support Division 019-621-6709 syushoku(at)
Student life Student Support Division 019-621-6060 gshien(at)
Alumni certificates Student Services Division 019-621-6055 gkyomu(at)
Open lectures Regional Cooperation Department
Regional Cooperation Division
019-621-6852 renkei(at)
Homepage General Administration and Public Relations Division 019-621-6015 kkoho(at)

Department Contacts

Departments Section responsible Telephone no. Email address
Student Services Department Student Services Division 019-621-6054 gsomu(at)
Research and Regional Cooperation Department Research Promotion Division 019-621-6580 kenkyou(at)
General Administration Department General Administration and Public Relations Division 019-621-6006 ssomu(at)
Finance Department Finance Division 019-621-6027 zsomu(at)
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 019-621-6704 hsomu(at)
Faculty of Education 019-621-6504 edujim(at)
Faculty of Science and Engineering 019-621-6303 tsomu(at)
Faculty of Agriculture 019-621-6103 asomu(at)
United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (UGAS) Group of United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences 019-621-6247 rendai(at)
Research Center for Regional Disaster Management 019-621-6448
Centre for Hiraizumi Studies 019-621-6529
Sanriku Fisheries Research Center 019-355-5691
Research Center for Manufacturing Technology 019-621-6304
Center for Teaching, Learning and Career Development (CTLCD) Student Services and Planning Division 019-621-6092 gkyotsu(at)
Organization for Research Promotion Research Promotion Division 019-621-6580 kenkyou(at)
Admissions Center 019-621-6064 gnyushi(at)
Teacher Training Promotion Center 019-621-6308 grikei(at)
Super-Computing and Information Sciences Center 019-621-6096 isic(at)
Health Care Center 019-621-6074 hokan(at)
Radioisotope Research Center 019-621-6093 rilab(at)
University Library Academic Information Division 019-621-6082 lsomu(at)
Museum 019-621-6685 lsomu(at)
Organization of Revitalization for Sanriku Region and Regional Development Regional Development Division 019-621-6629 sanriku(at)
International Liaison Center International Office 019-621-6067 iuic(at)
Office of Environmental Management 019-621-6911 ems(at)
Office of Evaluation 019-621-6018 shyoka(at)
Office for Gender Equality 019-621-6038 equality(at)