Administrative Staff

Executive Directors / Vice Presidents

  • officers1

    Akira IWABUCHI


  • officers2

    Satoshi OGAWA

    Vice President /
    Executive Director for General Affairs, Planning and Evaluation

  • officers3

    Kazumi KITA

    Vice President /
    Executive Director for Education, Student Affairs and Institutional Research

  • officers4

    Hiroyuki FUJISHIRO

    Vice President /
    Executive Director for Research, Revitalization and Regional Development

  • officers5

    Tsuyoshi SASAKI

    Director General and Executive Director for Finance and Labor

  • officers6

    Akira HIYANE

    Vice President for Graduate School for Arts and Sciences

  • officers7

    Toshihiro YABU

    Vice President for International Liaison

  • officers8

    Tomomi MIYAMOTO

    Vice President for Gender Equality, Public Relations and Environmental Management

  • officers9

    Shigeru NISHIZAKI

    Vice President for Information Management