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Key Facts

  • Year of the Establishment
    Over 70 years of history
  • Number of Students
    As of 2021
  • Number of Students per Staff
    Full support for each students
  • Number of International Students
    As of 2019
  • Site Area
    14.7 k㎡
    Ranked at 7th in Japan
  • Welcome to Morioka City in Iwate Prefecture

    Iwate University campus viewing Mount Iwate

    Iwate Prefecture is located 500 kilometers to the north of Tokyo, in the nature-rich North Tohoku Area (39 degrees north latitude, 141 degrees east longitude), and with an area approximately seven times that of Tokyo, is the second largest prefecture in Japan.
    Located in various locations throughout the prefecture are famous nature sites like Mount Iwate (known as the “Southern Fuji”), the ria coast (a number of beautiful coastlines formed when deep valleys, eroded by rivers, sunk into the ocean), as well as historical and cultural sites, the most well-known being the town of Hiraizumi, and some of the most well-known hot springs and ski resorts in Japan.