Iwate University Logo and Mascot Character

Iwate University Logo

University Symbol

University Symbol

Iwate University's symbol was established in 1952, with the design of a paulownia flower voted by the entire student body to be the top of the entries from the public. Design: Tokutaro Fujiwara (Professor of the Special Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Liberal Arts)

University Logo

University Logo

Using the grass green image colour of Iwate University as a base, the "i" of the logo was inspired by Ganchan's horn. Creator: Tomohisa Kikuchi (technical staff member in Takizawa Research Forest)

Mascot Character

Who is Ganchan?


Ganchan is the mascot character of Iwate University. Ganchan means "little rock," and he was inspired by the Chinese character "iwa/gan (rock)" in "Gandai" and the "ogre" said to be the cause of the famous handprint rocks, known as the "Iwate." His horn is actually an antenna, representing the image of Iwate University, catching all sorts of information and sending it out to the local area.


  • Birthday: December 11 Sagittarius
  • Personality: Hardworking
  • Family: Born from the union of a rice cracker-maker and the poster girl of a florist. They say that his ancestor was one of the stones of Mitsuishi ("Three Rocks") Shrine where ogres are sealed, and so he has a horn (antenna) on his head. Maybe the rock of Ishiwari Zakura, the Rock-splitting Cherry Tree is a distant relative?
  • Likes: Nambu senbei, Remen, rock-climbing, flowers
  • Dislikes: Paper in rock-paper-scissors, swimming, moss
  • Dream for the future: To polish himself up and become a diamond

Character Goods

As these are for PR they are not for sale, but they are given out to everyone at university events.

広報用 クリアファイル
For PR: Clear file

Terms of Use

The logos and symbols of Iwate University may only be used by those within the University who have read and agreed to the points below:

  1. You may use them when undertaking activities with Iwate University, on printed items, on websites, and for PR.
  2. You may not treat the logos and symbols inappropriately.
  3. Permission from the university must be obtained if those outside wish to use them for commercial purposes, or with the aim of distribution to third parties; please inquire at the address given below:

General Administration and Public Relations Division, General Administration Department