Iwate University Emblem, etc.

University Emblem

The emblem of Iwate University is designed after a paulownia flower. It is also the flower of Iwate Prefecture. It was designed by Tokutaro Fujiwara, a professor of the Special Department of Art and Design of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, who won first place in the public vote, and was adopted and established as the official design in 1952. The emblem has since been redesigned to improve its visual identity.



The campus of Iwate University is surrounded by a variety of trees and has a rich natural landscape. We had previously used green to represent this as our school color, but we have now established “Gandai Green” as our official school color. The name comes from the German word “ZYPRESSEN” (Japanese translation: cypresses), which is found in Kenji Miyazawa’s poem “Spring and Asura” (Haru to Shura).



It represents our intention to be recognized as a university that is trusted and loved by the community and walks a common path with it. This font was adopted to evoke a sense of intelligence and history to show that Iwate University, the only national university in Iwate Prefecture, is a “local knowledge hub” open to the community. The logotype was also designed to express familiarity and stability through the use of curves and the balance of the letters.