Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences

We aimed to construct (and did so successfully) a graduate-level educational organization to foster highly specialized professionals and researchers in the field of veterinary medicine, with a progressive and systematic education that links undergraduate and graduate education, and a new cooperative curriculum, in order to further deepen the educational philosophy - "Contributing to the health and welfare of humans and animals" - of Iwate University and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology's Cooperative Department of Veterinary Medicine, and to grow as a high-level education and research hub in East Japan. Based on the achievements of the United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences, Gifu University, we have taken a new step and reorganized as a cooperative graduate school, fostering doctors of veterinary medicine who can handle the highly specialized social demands of the region. Through the establishment of the cooperative veterinary medicine major, we are contributing to the local community in terms of the production and consumption of foodstuffs in the east Japan region, mainly the Tokyo area and Tohoku area, safety and security, and public health. We are also meeting the demand for new talented workers in the field of drug development.

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Cooperative Division of Veterinary Sciences Veterinary Basic Sciences
Veterinary Health Sciences
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