Faculty of Science and Engineering

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Developing education and research towards new knowledge creation through a fusion of science and engineering

In FY 2016, the Faculty of Science and Engineering was reorganized and now has three departments. We aim to foster talented personnel as below:

  • Talented personnel who have basic knowledge in the fields of science and engineering founded on a broad education and rich humanity, specialist knowledge and skills that meet international standards, and morality, who can actively work on various issues in today's society with new ideas
  • Talented personnel who can contribute to solving local and international issues by putting the knowledge and skills they have acquired to use in various fields of science and technology
  • Talented personnel who can pursue a symbiotic relationship between human society and the natural environment, with a fundamental and comprehensive grasp of the phenomena of natural science based on inquisitiveness towards and comprehension of issues in science and engineering, and who can contribute to the continuous development of local and international society by working towards solutions for a diverse range of issues

List of Departments, Programs, and Courses

Departments Courses
Chemistry and Biological Sciences Studies in Chemistry
Studies in Biological Sciences
Physical Science and Materials Engineering Studies in Mathematical Science and Physics
Studies in Materials Science and Engineering
Systems Innovation Engineering Studies in Electrical, Electronic, and Communication Engineering
Studies in Computer, Intelligence and Media Technology
Studies in Mechanical Science and Engineering
Studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty Information

Information on Departments, Programs, and Courses

Department of Chemistry and Biological Sciences

Department of Physical Science and Materials Engineering

Department of Systems Innovation Engineering

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