Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

In April 2017, Iwate University integrated our Master's course postgraduate programs (Master's Programs and the first part of the doctoral course), and established the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Master's Program). We aim to foster talented personnel who can create new values with broad perspectives that transcend the framework of arts and science, based on specialist knowledge of the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences, and who can solve issues on a local and global scale so that we can realize a sustainable society.

List of Majors, Courses, and Programs

Divisions Courses Programs
Regional Innovation and Management Regional Industry Advanced Agriculture and Forestry
Fishery Innovation
Casting and Molding
Integrated Regional Economic
Regional and Community Design Regional Management
Disaster Management and Community Development
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Graduate Course in Human Health Sciences Behavioral Science
Clinical Psychology
Sports and Health Science
Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies Understanding Japanese Culture
Introducing Global Culture
Introducing Art
Community Culture Renovation
Understanding Cultural Diversity
Science and Engineering Chemistry
Biological Sciences
Mathematical Science and Physics
Materials Science and Engineering
Electrical, Electronic, and Communication Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Computer Science and Intelligent System
Design and Media Technology
Agriculture Plant-biosciences
Biological Chemistry and Food Sciences
Animal Sciences

Graduate School Information

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