United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (UGAS)

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (UGAS) breaks down the closed nature of universities; it is an independent graduate course, a doctoral program in the field of agriculture established in six universities across the country working together to overcome the restrictions of universities. This graduate course is organized by three universities, Hirosaki University, Yamagata University and Iwate University, which are located in the Hokkaido/Tohoku area of Japan, a region blessed with a rich natural environment that will gradually become more and more important as a base of food production in Japan.

List of Majors, Courses, and Programs

Bioproduction Sciences

  • Plant Production
  • Animal Production
  • Biological Ecology Control

Bioresources Science

  • Biomolecular Function
  • Cellular Genomics
  • Food Science

Regional Environment Creation

  • Regional Resources and Environmental Economics
  • Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
  • Regional Resources and Environmental Management

Graduate School Information

Information on Majors

Schools that make up the United Graduate School