Points to Remember about Classroom Culture

Points to Remember about Classroom Culture

"Common sense" in a classroom setting is very culturally based. Before attending class at Iwate University, please review the following issues in order to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Dress Code

There are basically no specific restrictions, but please keep in mind the following points on classroom manners.

  • Dress modestly (Ex: Avoid wearing dirty or over-revealing clothes, etc.)
  • Please remember that shirts and shoes are required at all times.
  • Avoid wearing low-cut clothes or those exposing your navel.

As tattoos are generally viewed negatively in Japan regardless of the design, we kindly request that you cover up any tattoos you may have. If you have any questions regarding this, please consult your supervisor.

Attending Classes

We ask that you do your best to be on time for class. Additionally, please set your mobile phone to vibrate mode and refrain from any unnecessary chatter during class. Remember that you are not permitted to eat and drink in class.


During the semester, students routinely have a few small quizzes, a mid-term and a final exam. When taking a test, please refrain from using a pen, especially a red one. Write your answers in pencil and erase mistakes completely. In Japan correct answers are marked , wrong answers are marked × , and partially correct answers are marked . Please be sure to confirm the time period of each exam before it begins.


Remember to submit your homework assignments on time. For most handwritten assignments, we ask that you do them in erasable pencil only.