Student Exchange Program (IU-SEP)

Iwate University Student Exchange Program (IU-SEP)

Iwate University offers an exciting and eye-opening international community program "Iwate University Student Exchange Program (IU-SEP)" for exchange students from partner universities according to the student exchange agreement. This program provides 5 courses. Students will take one of the following courses depending on their major at their home university.Please note that if the IU-SEP is adopted by a scholarship program from Japan Student Services Organizations (JASSO), this program may be subject to change.

  1. Iwate Area Studies Program(Humanities course)
  2. Northern Tohoku Region Art and Culture Program(Art course)
  3. Iwate Science and Engineering Research Program (Science and Engineering course)
  4. Iwate Agricultural Science Research Program (Agricultural Science course)
  5. Open Study Program(Free Choice Courses)

※As of October 11, 2022, measures have been taken to ease restrictions on new entry of foreigners. Except for returnees/entrants with symptoms of suspected infection with the new coronavirus, no inspection will be conducted upon entry into Japan and they will not be required to wait at home or in an accommodation facility, follow up during the waiting period, or avoid the use of public transportation after entering Japan. However, all returnees and entrants will be required to submit either a valid vaccination certificate (3 doses) or a negative test certificate from a test taken within 72 hours prior to departure from their countries so please be aware of this.

Requirement for Application

To apply for IU-SEP, applicants must:

  1. not be of Japanese Nationality.
  2. be registered as a full time regular student as an undergraduate or a graduate (MA or PhD) at
    one of the universities that has a student exchange agreement with Iwate University. In
    addition, applicants must maintain their regular student status at their home university
    throughout the period they are enrolled at Iwate University. They also must return to their
    university after completing the program at Iwate University, and continue their study at their
    home university. (*You may not graduate or obtain a degree from your home country's home university while attending Iwate University.)

  3. have a good academic standing and good personal records at their home university.
  4. have clear objectives and plans, and good outcomes can be expected from their study and

  5. have good Japanese or English proficiency to understand courses and instructions.
    (Note) Iwate Agricultural Research Program (agricultural course) applicants must have:
    A. obtained a TOEFL-iBT score of 46 points or more, or
    B. passed JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N2 or more, which is organized by the
    Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services, or
    C. passed an interview test using SNS and such by the prospective academic supervisor.
    Please note that an interview test may be required even if you have 46 points or more of
    TOEFL-iBT score or JLPT N2 or more.

  6. be able to obtain a college student visa to enter Japan.
  7. be recommended by the President or a head of a department of their home university.


The number of exchange students from one university cannot be more than the number determined by
each agreement. Students who are eligible for this program may differ depending on the courses.

School Year

  1. The term of this program is generally either one semester or two semesters.
  2. Spring Semester:April 1 〜 Mid-August
    (Period of course: Early April 〜 Early August) (15 weeks)
    Fall Semester :October 1 〜Mid February
    (Period of course: Early October 〜 Mid February) (15 weeks)

Classes are not held on Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese national holidays. There are summer, winter and spring vacations when the students study by themselves.

Application and document deadline

April enrollment: December 1st

Guidance and Support

Each student will have an academic supervisor. These supervisors and teachers at the Global Education Center will give them guidance and support not only for college life but also for life in Iwate. Students will also have a student tutor who supports their study and everyday life.

Evaluation, Credits & Diploma

  1. Exchange students who earned credits will receive a transcript to prove their completion of courses, course scores, and acquirement of credits. To those who completed the Iwate Area Studies Program (Humanities course) and Online Japanese Language Program, a certificate of completion will be issued.
  2. Credits students earn at Iwate University can be transferred to their home institutions. Some credits, however, may have to be confirmed with the home institutions' supervisors before being accepted.

Courses and Curriculums

Each course has a list of "Subjects taken by the exchange students in the past". Students are to choose classes based on this class list. However, please check whether you are actually able to take the course or not at the time of registration after your arrival in Japan. Some other classes not on this list may be taken, however, adequate Japanese proficiency is required to take such classes since most of them are conducted in Japanese only.

If students would like to take such subjects, they have to consult with their supervisor at Iwate University beforehand.

You can view the "Subjects taken by the exchange students in the past" by clicking on the link below.

The overall list of courses offered at Iwate University (Japanese only) are linked below.

Tuition and other expenses

The admission fees and tuition for the dispatched international students will be not collected by Iwate University. However, students have to pay their tuition to their home institutions. Also, students have to pay their personal costs, including travel expenses, accommodation fees, living expenses, and costs of learning materials such as textbooks. In addition, students are required to take out some kind of international student insurance to cover bodily injury and/ or property damage.


International students can live in a dormitory called International House located on campus. It has a share house type room (a unit to share with 4 roommates).

  • Rent (including utility fees) to be paid monthly:【Share Room Type 】33,000 yen/month 【Single Room Type 】36,000 yen/month
  • Facility handling charge:30,000 yen (One time fee)
  • Internet access fee:24,200 yen/year
  • Bedding set rental fee:11,000 yen/year
  • Facilities: desk, bed, air-conditioner, curtain, wardrobe, book shelf, laundry hook, kitchen drawer, wireless LAN
  • (Shared area) kitchen, toilet, coin-operated shower, refrigerator, microwave oven, dinning table, cupboard, kitchen drawer

International House website:
International House Introduction Video on YouTube:


If the IU-SEP is adopted by a scholarship program from Japan Student Services Organizations (JASSO), students may receive this scholarship. However, students participating "Open Study Program(Free Choice Courses)" are not eligible for this scholarship.

* The applicants must meet certain requirements of academic records.

* The credits obtained by the recipients of the scholarship at Iwate University must be transferred to the credits of their university.

Required Documents

Below is the list of required documents for application.

Students will need to submit an Application for the Certificate of Eligibility to study in Japan along with the application form for IU-SEP.

Form & DocumentsPerson/facility to prepare
Proof of enrollment in the university Home university
Letter of recommendation Appropriate department of home university
Application form for IU-SEP (The Iwate University Student Exchange Program) Applicant
A copy of Passport ( If available )
Application form for residence permission
Financial Disclosure
( ex. Original copy of bank balance)
Note : An official proof of relationship is required if the above statement is the name of another family member.
A copy of Proficiency in Japanese(If available)
Photo ( Portrait shot )

Application Procedure

Please fill out the Required documents and submit them to the person in charge at your university. Send the completed forms from the person in charge at your university as attachments via email to:

・Please submit the application form for IU-SEP and the Application for Residence Permission in Word format.
・The Application for a Certificate of Eligibility should be submitted in Excel format.
・Please enter "Student Exchange Program" in the subject of your email.


Iwate University International Office
3-18-34 Ueda, Morioka-City, Iwate, 020-8550, JAPAN

Notification of Documentation

The acceptance letter and the Certificate Of Eligibility will be sent out from Iwate University in mid-August (October enrollment).
The information for Japanese Visa, Passport procedure and the placement test of Japanese language skill will be enclosed in the notification.

Arrival Schedule

Please arrange your schedule to allow yourself to arrive in Morioka before one week prior to the start of the term. After the decision of acceptance, the schedule and method of entering Japan will be provided by the International Office.

For further information, please make contact with your supervisor at your home institution,your designated Iwate University supervisor, or our International Office at Iwate University.