Dual Degree Programs with Partner Universities

Dual Degree Programs between the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (UGAS) of Iwate University and the University of Saskatchewan (Plant Sciences) in Canada.

Based on an academic cooperation agreement, Iwate University offers the "Dual Degree" program that allows students to receive a doctoral degree both from UGAS of Iwate University and the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Students are able to receive two separate degrees at the same time, completing the program in three academic years at the shortest. Students are enrolled at both UGAS and the University of Saskatchewan and receive academic guidance from instructors at both universities. They are expected to study at the University of Saskatchewan for a year and a half. Students are able to enhance not only their English ability but also mutual understanding, by building strong relationships with researchers and engineers from different fields, generations, and countries through daily interaction. Students also gain a global perspective, generate a future career, and develop the ability to carry out research abroad through participation in this program.

Detailed information regarding this program is at the following website of UGAS: