International Training in Japan

International Training for young leaders is a program held in Japan (Iwate). It is based on a designated theme related to sustainable society. In the past, the training has dealt with a number of themes rooted in the community, such as fair prices for agricultural products, food safety, energy, and earthquake recovery. During the training, participants from partner universities overseas, Japanese students, and international exchange students at Iwate University come together to learn about the chosen theme both in English and Japanese. They exchange opinions in order to propose final recommendations related to a theme issue. Students are expected to enhance their personal qualities as leaders in the future and to develop a global network by spending time together under one roof for about one week. Applications are generally accepted around three months in advance, and the program takes place during the summer or winter vacation each year. Application information will be posted on the bulletin board outside the International Office and on the website.

Eligibility: Iwate University students in their second year or higher
Credits: Two credits as an International Education subject
Application information: Available on the bulletin board and website

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    Group discussions in Japanese and English
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    With Mayor Toba of Rikuzentakata City,
    who listened to the students' presentations