International Collaboration Strategies of Iwate University

Iwate University will promote international exchange and collaboration by planning and implementing international strategies in education, research and contribution to society in order to respond to rapid globalism.
Period of Strategy: Approximately 10 years starting in 2012.


Through education and research, we will play a significant role in bridging local and international societies and in contributing to their sustainable development


[Education] We will educate students to assume responsibility as world citizens and train them as leaders in the internationalization of local society.
[Research] We will promote leading research that has the distinctive characteristics of Iwate University.
[Contribution to Society] We will provide leading programs to deal with the globalization of local society.

International Collaboration Strategies

  1. We will develop the campus to improve understanding of globalization.
  2. We will prioritize collaboration with overseas universities to promote the acceptance of international students here and the reception of our students abroad.
  3. We will encourage students to improve their foreign language skills as tools for international communication.
  4. We will support faculty exchange abroad and improve the quality of research by promoting research in fields that have the distinctive characteristics of Iwate University.
  5. We will implement international collaboration among academia, industry, and government to contribute to the globalization of local society.
  6. We will prepare the necessary resources to realize the above-mentioned strategies.