Helpful Things to Have during Study Abroad

Helpful Things to Have during Study Abroad

We carried out a survey of your international "senpai" (upperclassmen), asking what helpful items they brought with them when they came to Japan. We've summarized the results here, ordering them by country/region and necessity; please use them as a reference.

Things you definitely need!

Top Computer/laptop
Plug adaptor
Japanese computer keyboards may be arranged differently to the ones you are used to.
Second Medication It might be a good idea to bring a certain amount of any medication you take regularly. If you can buy the same medication in Japan there won't be any issues, but...
Third Winter clothing Winter is cold, so it won't do any harm to bring winter clothing.

Things you'll be glad you brought!

Top Seasonings These were high on the list of things students wished they had brought. It seems that there are some seasonings that you either can't buy in Morioka, or are expensive. You may also be able to use them to help with homesickness.
Second Folk clothing You might be able to use this at events, etc.!
Third Credit card It's useful if you have one.

Comments from Your Senpai

It's a good idea to get permission for part-time work at Narita Airport when you arrive in Japan. Chinese/one year
Be aware that you can't enjoy music or anime due to intellectual property rights. Chinese/one year
Winter is cold, so it's a good idea to carefully prepare clothes and shoes in your home country and bring them with you. Chinese/one year
If your body is sensitive, I recommend bringing around 1 L of water from your country and drinking a half-and-half mixture of Japanese water and your water for the first three days. Chinese/one year
If you have any seasonings from your country, you may sometimes want to enjoy their nostalgic taste. Chinese/one year
Maybe clothes. Because in Japan clothes are expensive. Mongolian/six months
If you have a large shoe size then it's a good idea to bring winter shoes with you. Japanese toothbrushes are also small so it might be a good idea to bring some from your own country with you. Russian/one year

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