Organization for Promoting the Internationalization of Iwate University

In April 2014, the "International Strategy Promotion Committee" was established to ensure the implementation of the "International Collaboration Strategies of Iwate University" and to collectively and promptly address issues arising from rapidly-growing globalization, university reforms, and internationalization. This is an all-campus committee designed to establish consistent organization for promoting the internationalization of Iwate University by incorporating our strengths and characteristics. As part of this initiative, the International Liaison Center was created to design and develop a concrete action plan, collect information, and coordinate various activities.

For us to steadily advance the International Collaboration Strategies and the concrete action plan, we need to prioritize our programs and respond to situations in a prompt and flexible manner based on an interdisciplinary organizational structure. Thus, a cross-departmental project scheme was introduced under the International Strategic Conference to coordinate the progress of various strategies. The following projects are currently in place:

  • Project for developing foundations of international exchange
  • Project for the promotion of joint education
  • Project for the promotion of international research
  • Project for specialty-based international partnerships
    (1) UURR Project team
    (2) Project team for solving region-specific challenges
  • Project for building global human talent in cooperation with local communities

Furthermore, the International Education Center was newly established in April 2015 in order to teach students the basics for developing their global skills and to expand study abroad programs. The Center aims to prepare students to work and cooperate with people of diverse cultural, linguistic, and academic backgrounds and to find practical and creative solutions for various issues manifested in local communities by adopting an international perspective.

International Liaison Center

The International Liaison Center designs and promotes the university's strategies of international collaboration in partnership with the various departments. The aims are for students to gain the ability to contribute to the development of international society and for the promotion of international scholarships. Besides providing the framework for international collaboration, the Center is involved in the collection of relevant information, public relations, and risk management. It also establishes unique international collaboration projects and international partnerships for academic exchange with universities overseas.

International Education Center

The Global Education Center plans and carries out various global education programs in coordination with both undergraduate and graduate divisions of each Faculty in order to promote university-wide global education.

Other events and activities are underway in a joint effort of coordination on campus, as well as with external partners. The activities include the hosting of foreign exchange students, counselling for international students on academics and daily life, study abroad programs for Japanese students, consultation on studying abroad, globalization of the campus, and cultural exchange with local communities.