Outline and List of Programs


The first time you decide to study abroad or attend an international training program, you may wonder what it will be like and where to start. If you are interested in the international exchange activities that Iwate University offers, take a look at this site for information about programs and the details of application and preparation. The term "Study Abroad" refers to all activities related to studying in foreign countries; however, "Study Abroad" at Iwate University is defined as a program where credits are given by the institution of higher education in the country hosting the study abroad program. Although students receive credits for short-term language training, Iwate University certifies them, and thus, these programs are termed "International Training." "International Student Exchange" is a "Study Abroad" program which sends students to partner universities that maintain an academic cooperation agreement with Iwate University. Students are required to pay tuition to Iwate University and are not billed for tuition by the university overseas. Programs offered by Iwate University are classified into the following categories:

Study Abroad

International Student Exchange (Period: half year to one year)

"International Student Exchange" gives you the opportunity to study at a partner university that maintains an academic cooperation agreement with Iwate University. Academic agreements consist of two types of agreements: agreements between faculties/departments and agreements between universities. Programs under the agreement between faculties/departments are only open to students of the relevant department/faculty. If you are selected as an exchange student, no additional payment of tuition is required by the partner university once you pay tuition to Iwate University. In addition, you can graduate from Iwate University after your fourth year without getting held back a year as long as the credits you earn at the partner university can be transferred as credits of courses recognized by Iwate University. In order to do so, you are advised to check the details about course credits from the partner university in advance and consult with advisors of International Student Exchange at Iwate University regarding credit transfer. In principle, credits given by a partner university are to be approved by Iwate University; however, prior confirmation is required as the programs are slightly different according to the faculty. If you plan to study in an English-speaking country or take lectures in English, a high level of English ability (a passing TOEFL iBT score) is required. For studying abroad at a partner university in English-speaking countries, Iwate University accepts applications from October of the previous year. Please prepare your application thoroughly well in advance.

International Training

Language Training (Period: Within One Month)

Credits will be certified only when you participate in Language Training programs that Iwate University offers. Participation is sometimes limited to students of relevant faculties, so please check the details in advance if you are interested. No specific level of English ability is required. Iwate University students participate in these programs as a group.

Short-term Training Abroad (Period: Within One Month)

Besides Language Training, Iwate University offers several training programs, including job- internships and overseas training that focuses on current issues and their solutions. Training Abroad is designed for students to experience learning in English. Applications can be submitted from three to six months prior to the start of the program.

International Volunteer / International Eco-Volunteer (Period: Within One Month)

As a member of CIEE, Iwate University encourages students to participate in their programs. Program information sessions are held in May and December every year. These programs are recommended for students who will visit a foreign country for the first time and want to enhance their communication skills.

Tobitate! Study Abroad Japan (Period: 28 days to 2 years)

Both the national program (Natural sciences / cross-disciplinary course (framework for future technology personnel), Emerging economies course, World-leading institutions course, Unique challenge course) and Iwate Prefecture offer the Regional Development Course. Students are granted a scholarship for the plans that they have created. More information is available here (Jump to the Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN page)

Working Holiday (Period: Half Year to One Year)

Students who wish to experience life in a foreign country or develop personal skills tend to participate in this program. The government of Japan has concluded agreements with several countries and has called for participation in the program. Because age limitations, the timing of visa applications, and the number of visas issued vary by country, we recommend that you collect relevant information as soon as possible if you are interested in this program. In addition to the above programs, Iwate University offers new programs every year. Please check the information board at the International Office or Iwate University website frequently for relevant information.