Issuance of Certificates and Ihatov Fund

International Alumni

This page contains information for international alumni and international students who have completed courses at the university.

Issuance of Certificates

Student Services and Planning, Student Services, issues certificates including Graduation Certificates and Transcripts. (For students of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, the UGAS office is in charge of issuing certificates.)

Please see the below link for more information and procedures.

Alumni Association

Iwate University is in the process of preparing an alumni association for the purpose of strengthening ties with international alumni and students who have completed courses at Iwate University. We hope to build a strong network between the university, current students and the international alumni, now active around the world, and to contribute to globalization and development of the university and community. As part of the preparations, we have been holding gatherings for alumni since 2015. So far, they have been held in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Taiwan (Kaohsiung), China (Beijing, Changchun), Thailand (Bangkok) and more. They will also be held in Iwate and Tokyo in the future, and we look forward to attendance from many.

Ihatov Fund

The Iwate University Ihatov Fund consists of the "General Fund" for broad ranging support of the university's education, research and student body, and the "Special Fund" for exclusively helping students affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in completing their studies. Today, both Funds receive donations from many companies, groups and individuals. We sincerely ask alumni, family members of alumni, faculty, and everyone concerned with our university to understand the purpose of the Iwate University Ihatov Fund, which was established in order to realize the ideal we aim for, and consider giving a donation.