Acceptance of Visitors (Researchers, etc.) from Abroad to Iwate University/海外からの学生及び研究者等の受入に関する取扱いについて

Acceptance of Visitors (Researchers, etc.) from Abroad to Iwate University

Due to the Japanese government's border control measures effective October 11, 2022, new foreign nationals applying for entry into Japan are no longer required to submit the prescribed application in the Entry-Registration Health Screening System (ERFS) by the person responsible for receiving the applicant located in Japan. Future acceptance of students, researchers, etc. from abroad at Iwate University will be based on the judgment of the head of each receiving department.

For details, please refer to the information posted in the Garoon below. (For faculty and staff only)

(Notes on Acceptance)
・The student or researcher himself/herself or the faculty member in charge of the host country is responsible for making all arrangements for the student's or researcher's airline ticket, accommodation, etc. after arrival in Japan.
・The faculty member in charge of receiving students/researchers must inform the students/researchers of the quarantine measures to be taken at the time of their arrival in Japan.
・Visitors are allowed to attend the university from the day of arrival in Morioka, but if they feel unwell (fever/febrile, cough, runny throat, runny nose, fatigue, headache, etc.), they should contact the Health Care Center (in Japanese) or the International Office (in English, Chinese, or Korean) instead of coming to school.

Please observe your health for 5 days after your arrival in Japan and record the "Health Monitoring Sheet (J/E) (Chinese/English)". In addition, please do not eat at any social gatherings during these five days, and take even greater precautions than usual to prevent infection. If symptoms such as a slight fever or sore throat appear, please follow the flowchart for dealing with new coronavirus infection.