Financial support system for students who are affected by COVID-19/新型コロナウイルス感染症による影響を受けた方への経済支援制度について

The following implemented financial support system is for students who are affected by COVID-19

About Tuition Waiver

Tuition waiver for the second semester of the 2022 academic year will be offered to students whose family finances have suddenly changed due to the impact of the COVID-19.

Regarding Eligibility:

The following cases are eligible for the waiver program:
"Those who have received public assistance from the national and local governments because of a decrease in income due to the effects of COVID-19", or "Those who suffered from a sudden decrease of half or more in their household income in the past three years". (Please submit your part-time income documents before and after the sudden change in household finances.)
*International students are also eligible if the above applies to them.
*Please refer to the application form for examples of public assistance.

Application Procedures

(1) Application deadline: September 30, 2022
Application: Scholarship Group, Student Support Division (Window 6, Building A, Student Center)
(2) Application documents
Available on iAssistant or at the Student Center counter (counter 6).
*Students who cannot see iAssistant should email the following information.
Subject: Corona Waiver Application Request
Email Content: Student ID number, name, and phone number

About the examination

The tuition waiver will be reviewed in conjunction with other tuition waivers and the tuition waiver with the largest waiver amount will be granted. However, it is not guaranteed that you will receive a waiver even if you apply.

Contact Information:

Scholarship Group, Student Support Division (Window 6, Building A, Student Center)

"The support fund and allowance for the leave forced to be taken under the COVID-19 outbreak"

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has a support system that allows students to receive "The support fund and allowance for the leave forced to be taken under the COVID-19 outbreak" when they are absent from their part-time jobs due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.
Please check the details on the website below:

COVID-19 Student Living Support Grant (Closed)

In order to support students who have difficulty continuing their studies due to financial difficulties arising from the impact of COVID-19, we are accepting applications for the "Iwate University Ihatov Fund for COVID-19 Student Living Support Grant".
The Iwate University Ihatov Fund, which has been donated by many people including graduates of Iwate University, is used for this grant.
This program is implemented with the cooperation of the Iwate University Consumer's Cooperative Association ("University Co-op").

Benefit Amount:

5,000 yen - 10,000 yen worth of University Co-op e-money.
※The University Co-op e-money can be used for meals at the student cafeterias and for purchasing food, textbooks, etc. at the Co-op store (University Co-op membership card is required to use the University Co-op e-money).
※Students who have difficulty using Iwate University Co-op stores, such as those who belong to the Kamaishi Campus, will be provided with QUO cards.

Number of Recipients

Approximately 600 students

How to Apply

On-line application through the designated website
*Application procedures and URLs for application are posted in iAssistant.
*For students who cannot use iAssistant, such as doctoral students, please send an inquiry e-mail to the address below with the subject and the text as follow:
[Subject] Ihatov Foundation Student Life Support Grant Application
[Text] (1) Student ID number, (2)Name


Application Deadline:

23:00, June 30 (Wed.)

Procedures after Application:

Early July: Notification will be sent to the applicant's e-mail address provided by Iwate University.
Mid July: Receive the Benefit---Details regarding how to receive the benefit will be provided via e-mail at the time of the screening results notification.

Screening of Applications

In the case of a large number of applicants, screening will be conducted based on the contents of the applications.

Resources for this Grant

The Iwate University Ihatov Fund is used for this grant.


If your application is approved, Iwate University will send the necessary information (student number, faculty, name, benefit amount) to the Iwate University Co-op in order to distribute the e-money.
There is a time limit for receiving Iwate University Co-op e-money provided under this program. It is also not exchangeable for cash. We will inform you the details by e-mail when we notify the screening results.

Contact Information

Scholarship Liaison Group, Student Support Division (Window 6, Building A, Student Center)

Application for Student Support Emergency Benefit for Continuation of Learning(third recruitment)(Closed)

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) provides "Student Support Emergency Benefit" for "Continuation of Learning" to urgently support students who have difficulty in continuing their student lives due to a decrease in part-time job income affected by COVID-19.

How to apply

The forms required for application and details of the application procedure are available on I-Assistant.
Applications should be submitted through the designated URL on I-Assistant.
For those students who cannot access I-Assistant because they belong to the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences or for other reasons:
please send an e-mail with the following information to the contact person in charge:

Subject: (Request for Application) Student Support Emergency Benefit
Body of an e-mail message: 1. Student ID 2. Name
The forms can also be downloaded from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) website, but in order to facilitate the review process at Iwate University, please use the files posted on I-Assistant.

The application period is from Friday, March 11th - Wednesday, March 16th

Notice: Students who received emergency benefits in the first or second application period are not eligible to apply.