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Attendance at Classes(Updated on April 5th, 2022)

April 5th, 2022

To All students

Kita Kazumi
Vice President/Executive Director
Iwate University

Attendance at Classes for the 2022 Academic Year

The classes for the 2022 academic year, which will start on April 14, will generally be held face-to-face.
When attending classes, please pay close attention to the following things.

1. Check your body temperature when you wake up.
2. If you have a fever, cold symptoms, extreme fatigue, and/or shortness of breath, please stay home and rest.
3. If you need to miss a class, please contact the university through the "Fever Reporting Form" on the Iwate University website. In this case, it will not be treated as an absence. Also, if you are ordered by the university to stay at home, or if the date of vaccination is specified, or if you are unable to attend school due to adverse reactions after vaccination, it will not be treated as an absence.
4. When you submit the "Fever Reporting Form" or are ordered by university to stay home and please report following things.
・Use the message system in WebClass to report the absence of class to the instructor.
・Report your health condition everyday by noon through the 2nd day after symptoms disappear using the App. "健康日記 (Kenkou Nikki)"
*Check InAssistant for how to register the App. "健康日記 (Kenkou Nikki)"
5. Wash your hands before and after the classes.
6. Wear a mask during the classes.
7. No private conversations (except active learning style classes).
8. Maintain space between each other as much as possible when you take a seat during the classes
9. In order to confirm the seating position during the classes, instructor will ask you to write your student ID on the seating chart. There are other ways to confirm it, please follow the instructions. Seat confirmation is used to determine those who have been in close contact, etc., so please be sure to fill out and register this form.
10.Leave the classroom immediately after class finishes.

Please follow the instructor's instruction if the class is conducted remotely.