If you are diagnosed with the COVID-19/自分が陽性と診断された場合

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2⃣ If you are diagnosed with the COVID-19 refer to the flowchart 2

 If diagnosed as positive, please stay at home and immediately follow the procedures below.

Procedures in case of a positive diagnosis
  1. Rest at home
  2. Phone Call
    Weekdays (9:00-17:00): Iwate University Health Care Center (019-621-6550、019-621-6074)
    Holidays and outside office hours (9:00-17:00): University's main guard house (019-621-6110)
    For Days and times other than above: Ask your close contacts to stay home and call Iwate
    University Health Care Center in the next day.
  3. Students: Report to the instructors in charge of your classes via WebClass that you have been
    subject to stay home. Faculty and staff: Report to your department that you have been subject
    to stay home.
  4. Describe the behavioral history contact history (eating and drinking with people, people you
   were with for long periods of time, etc.) from one week prior to the date of symptom onset
    (or the date of specimen collection if asymptomatic) in the "Movement history and physical
    condition report" (students) (faculty and staff) and send it to kenkou(at)
    (Please change "(at)" to "@" before sending.). The email tile should be "Name".
  5. Ask your close contacts to stay home and check the Iwate University website

 Who is a close contact?
 Persons who had contact with a positive person during the period of possible infection (from
 the day of onset of illness or from 3 days before the date of testing in the case of asymptomatic
 patients until hospitalization or hotel stay, etc.) and who meet the following conditions.
  ・Family members living together
  ・Persons who had contact with a positive person without taking necessary precautions
   against infection (e.g., conversation, meals, karaoke, etc.)
  ・Those who had prolonged contact (including in cars, airplanes, studying or playing games
   in apartments, etc. in apartments, etc.)
  ・Those who examined, nursed, or cared for a patient without proper infection protection
   (e.g., wearing a mask).
  ・Those who may have come into direct contact with contaminants such as airway secretions
   or body fluids of the patient.

Basic medical treatment period
  The treatment ends when 10 days have passed from the date of onset or 7 days from the date of
  testing if asymptomatic, and 72 hours have passed after the symptoms have diminished.

Procedures upon completion of medical treatment
  Once the health center/university gives the "instruction to end medical treatment," students/faculty
  /staff can come to school and go to work.
  Students should report to their instructors (via WebClass) that their medical treatment has ended,
  and faculty and staff should follow the procedures for excusing their absence*.
  For one week after the end of the stay-at-home period, body temperature and other health
  conditions must be monitored, and eating and drinking with others, part-time jobs, and club
  activities is prohibited.

*Procedure for excusing their absence (faculty and staff)
  Please follow the procedure described in the announcement "Handling with work hours regarding
  COVID-19" by Office for Safety and Health Management in Garoon.

If symptoms reappear after the end of medical treatment
  Please stay at home, inform the hospital that you have finished your medical treatment, visit a
  medical institution, and then contact the Health Care Center.

Morioka city hall website:
"To those who were diagnosed as positive"
"Medical treatment process after you were diagnosed as positive"