Campus Facilities

University Library

Boasts a collection of approximately 850,000 books. The library, which is utilized by the community as a whole, is open on weekends as well and is a site of intellectual dialogue for students, businesspeople, and regional residents. The library has a gallery and a refreshment corner, and is characterized by lots of open space.

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University Student Union (Univ. Co-op)

Come here to buy books/documents, stationery, snacks, and everyday necessities. Also has ATMs and ticket agencies, and offers assistance with apartment-hunting and with registering for various types of insurance.



What do you eat for lunch? Three cafeterias--full of variety

Iwate University has three cafeterias: "Central Cafeteria," "Faculty of Science and Engineering Cafeteria (BREDO)," and "Faculty of Agriculture Cafeteria." These cafeterias serve as student hang-out spots, with students going there between classes and after sports practice to eat meals, study, do club activities, host concerts, etc. Each of the three cafeterias has something unique to recommend them, menu items that change monthly with the seasons, and fun events, so make sure to check them out!

Central Cafeteria

Central Cafeteria opens at 8:00AM on weekdays. The "yakitate pan (fresh-baked bread)" made at the cafeteria is particularly popular!

Faculty of Science and Engineering Cafeteria (BREDO)

The Faculty of Science and Engineering Cafeteria boasts hearty meals with large portions, like the "ramen set" or the "stamina meal set."

Faculty of Agriculture Cafeteria

The Faculty of Agriculture Cafeteria, surrounded by nature, is known for their "one-coin meals" (items under 500 yen). There is also a terrace that is open in the summer.

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    Lots of menu items mean you can eat healthy, balanced meals.
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    Central Cafeteria
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    Faculty of Science and Engineering Cafeteria (BREDO)
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    Faculty of Agriculture Cafeteria