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Leaving Japan / Entering Japan

When Leaving Japan
  If you need to leave Japan, please submit the
  "Notice of Departure from Japan" through the web.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Overseas safety information web page (海外安全ホームページ)

Faculty and Staff Travel Abroad
  Faculty and staff may travel abroad if both the risk level and the infectious disease risk level are below level 1.
  However, unnecessary and non-urgent travel to countries and regions with an "infectious disease risk level" of 2 is not permitted, but is permitted in exceptional cases when permitted by the head of the department where the travel is unavoidable due to work-related reasons.
  For details, please refer to the information posted on Garoon. (For faculty and staff only)
  Overseas Travel for Faculty and Staff

Students Travel Abroad
  Students (including international students) are allowed to travel overseas if they meet the following conditions
  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan's overseas safety information is at a danger level of Level 1 or below, and at a infectious disease danger level of Level 2 or below. However, this does not apply in the case of a temporary return to the home country of the international student.
  The student must follow all instructions given by the institution of study in the destination country/region and the country/region's authorities.
  The student must comply with any quarantine measures, if any, in the destination country/region and after returning to Japan.

【Travel for study abroad programs planned and organized by Iwate University】
 Students are allowed to travel abroad only after consultation and approval by the International Exchange Committee of each faculty and the Academic Affairs Committee of each major in the graduate school.

【Travel for other reasons】
 Travel abroad is permitted on the condition that the student submits the university's designated overseas travel form to the International Office.

 For more details, please refer to the Iwate University International Exchange homepage.

When Entering Japan
  When you enter Japan, follow the instructions from the quarantine station, and submit the
  "Notice of Entering Japan" through the website.
  Please observe your health for 7 days after your arrival in Japan and record it on the "Health Monitoring Sheet (Japanese/English) (Chinese/English)".
  (The University may ask you to submit this form.)

If symptoms appear during the health observation period
  Please stay at home and call the Health Care Center (019-621-6074) for advice.

Notice of Departure from Japan (web)

Notice of Entering Japan (web)

Health Monitoring Sheet (in JP and EN)
Health Monitoring Sheet (in JP and EN)

Health Monitoring Sheet (in CN and EN)
Health Monitoring Sheet (in CN and EN)