令和3年度 いわて留学生友好交流奨学金 受給者募集




【選考の基準 Selection criteria】
 Students who can participate in international exchange activities actively in Iwate Prefecture.
  Students who can participate in campaigns of career support for international students in Iwate Pref.
 which the association assigns.
 Students who have sufficient Japanese ability to participate in international exchange activities or
 have daily conversation.
  13 students will be recommended (including the recipients who wish to extend).

1 応募資格 Qualifications
    Graduate or Undergraduate students in Iwate University as of April 2021.
   If the applicants receive any other grants, the total should be less than \48,000.
2 奨学金の概要 Outline of the scholarship
  支給者数:10名(岩手県内で) 10 students will win this scholarship in Iwate Pref.
  期  間:2021年4月から2022年3月までの1年間 From April 2021 to March 2022 (1 year)
  給付月額:2万円 \20,000 per month 
3 選考方法Screening 
  書類審査と面接(調整中)Screening of application materials and interview (To be scheduled)
4 提出期限 Submission Deadline
  2021年5月6日(木)17:00 / 5pm, May 6, 2021
  国際課へ提出 Submit to the International Office