【国際交流PRアソシエイトからの発信★】A Great Place to Visit in June

岩手で大人気のお祭りのひとつである「チャグチャグ馬コ」をご存知ですか?ところで、「チャグチャグ」とは何でしょう。留学生のXu Jingさんが紹介します。ぜひお読みください!(言語:英語・中国語)

【Messages ★ from the International Exchange PR Associate】 A Great Place to Visit in June

Do you know one of the most popular festivals in Iwate, "Chagu-Chagu Umako"? By the way, what even is "Chagu-Chagu"? Xu Jing, an international student, will introduce you. Please read on! (Language: English, Chinese)

A Great Place to Visit in June

--Welcome to Iwate for The Chagu Chagu Umakko Festival

The Chagu Chagu Umakko Festival is a famous traditional horse-related festival held in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. On the second Saturday of June every year, hundreds of horses clad in brightly colored harnesses and bells parade from Onikoshi Sozen-jinja Shrine in Takizawa City to Hachiman Shrine in Morioka City with cute small children mounted on their backs.

During the 14 kilometers journey, the bells worn by the beautifully decorated horses made melodious sounds, ringing all the way along the spectacular parade, the bells ring "chagu chagu", hence the name of the festival. This long-standing festival tells people about the love of horses and the prayers for a better life by the hard-working people in this land in history.

About 200 years ago, farmers used a day off after planting season to pray for the health of their horses at the Onikoshi Sozen-jinja Shrine, which is dedicated to the horse god. In the 53rd year of the Showa Period (1978), this festival was selected as an "intangible folk cultural property" (intangible cultural property). In 1996, the melodious horse bell was also selected as one of the "100 best sound landscapes in Japan that you want to keep".

Thank you for reading this issue of campus news! My name is Xu Jing, I am an international student from China, currently studying design and media at Iwate University, I love writing and photography. I am committed to providing you with the latest and most interesting information about Iwate. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!



チャグチャグ馬コ(Chagu Chagu Umako),是在日本岩手县举办的一个与马有关的极富盛名的传统节日。每年六月的第二个星期六,数以百计的骏马身披装饰华丽的马具,戴着精美的铃铛,从泷泽市的鬼越蒼前神社游行至盛冈市的八幡神社,马背上还驮着可爱的稚子。在14公里的行程中,盛装的马儿身上的铃铛发出悦耳的声音,随着沿途壮观的游行队伍一路响起"chagu chagu"的马铃声,节日因此得名。历史悠久的チャグチャグ馬コ节,向人们讲述了这片土地上勤劳的人们对马的热爱和对美好生活的祈愿。大约200年前,农户在水稻种植季的辛勤劳作之后,会给马儿放一天假,并向鬼越蒼前神社供奉的马神为马儿祈福。昭和53年(1978年),该祭典被选定为"日本民间非物质文化遗产"。 平成8年(1996年),悠扬的马铃声也入选了"日本最值得保留的100个声音景观"。