米国・アーラム大学特別講演会のお知らせSpecial Lecture by Earlham College




Current Debates on Economic Stagnation:A History of Thought Perspective

≪日時≫2019年11月21日(木) 17:00~18:00

≪場所≫岩手大学学生センターB棟 GB11教室

≪使用言語≫ わかりやすい英語 参加無料 / 事前申込不要

講師:Mark Lautzenheiser 米国・アーラム大学 教授


In 2013 Larry Summers, former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury (1999-2001) and Director of the National Economic Council for the U.S. (2009-2010), suggested the possibility that certain economies might be experiencing economic stagnation. The suggestion was made explicit for Japan and the United States, though certainly one could infer the application to other advanced economies as well. This suggestion began a thoughtful debate among economists concerning the meaning of economic stagnation, the possible reasons for it, and policy implications to address it. The current lecture attempts to place this current debate within the larger context of the history of economic thought. By tracing the various economic theories related to economic stagnation that go back over 200 years, it is hoped we will gain insights into the current debates with emphasis on the practical implications for today's economic policies.

November 21, 2019 17:00- at GB11