【GVイベント】Let's try 俳句 in English



Hello, friends!
On Oct. 21 the Global Village had its second intercultural event: How to Make a Haiku in English.
After enjoying an interactive presentation about English haiku basics, participants explored structures,
topics, and styles used in the art form traditionally and in modern times. The workshop ended with
participants making and sharing English haiku of their own. Here's a great example:

Color of Season

Red and green jacket

He's a man in advance

Yes, fall is here

(By F.S.)

Thank you, F.S., and all who attended!

The next Global Village event will be about how to "properly" compose an email to your professor
(both English and Japanese formats): Friday, Oct.28, 12-1pm at the Global Village. All are welcome!

If you have any activity ideas, want to present about your culture, or would like to help out with
Global Village events, do let us know!

William Brannen, Global Village Lounge, Student Center B,
Hanayo Hiriai, Office 206, Student Center B,