掲載日2017.11. 2



国際交流広報アソシエイトとして活動していただく工学研究科のマムン カイルザマンさん(バングラデシュ)をご紹介します。英語での発信です。
This is Khairuzzaman Mamun, from Bangladesh. I am doing my PhD under the mechanical engineering department at this university where the project title is 'Simulation of Physiological Blood Flow through the Realistic Geometry of Carotid Artery with Stenosis'.

Generally speaking, Japan is different in the world for her best quality in education and research. Besides, high living standard and low tuition fee as well as frequent chances of receiving fund attracted me to pursue my further study in Japan. Moreover, Japan is considered as the most developed country in Asia and the safest country in the world.

Actually, Iwate University is a national university, located in Morioka City which is the capital of Iwate Prefecture. The prefecture of Iwate is well known both for its spectacular natural beauty as well as for its cultural assets. In addition, the campus is about a 20-minute walk from Morioka JR Train Station and beautiful downtown Morioka. It is very convenient for students to find part-time jobs, go shopping, and enjoy city life. Moreover, there are many facilities for studies and extracurricular activities, such as the university library, gymnasiums, and a swimming pool. Besides, the student union, "The University Co-op," has a bookstore, ticketing service, travel service, housing service and food kiosks. Thus, I am very much attracted to continue my further study at this University.
In my case, since my childhood I was very passionate about to be a researcher. I always prefer intelligent personalities. Consequently, I am really very enthusiastic to devote myself to work for the science. Prof. Jamal Nazrul Islam (1939-2013), who was a Bangladeshi mathematical physicist and cosmologist, was continuously playing vital role for the development of culture of studying Mathematics in Bangladesh. His inspirational lifestyle especially motivates me and helps me to set my professional goal. Thus, I am eager to be a mathematical research fellow at any research institute in Bangladesh after finishing the Doctoral Program in Science and Engineering from this University.

Finally, I am very enjoying my study in this university, and living at Morioka as well as in Japan.