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Unique things in Japan

Graduate School of Engineering, Iwate University

In my opinion, Japanese people are famous in the World for that they can make unique things. I guess that most of the people will agree with me. So After I arrived in Japan, I had a goal to see those unique things. One of those was "Teamlab"'s exhibition. This summer holiday, I went to two exhibitions, in Osaka and Kyoto. As I expected, it was so incredible and amazing.
In Osaka, there was Hiroshi Senju's exhibition. Maybe Japanese people know him as the painter who is famous for his waterfall paintings in the world. At the Teamlab and Hiroshi Senju's collaborated exhibition, it seemed like Hiroshi Senju's artworks became alive. This exhibition gave me a lot of thoughts, feelings, and inspirations. Combination of ocean waves, sound, colour, and temperature gave me most calming feels that is like I'm standing near to the ocean.
In Kyoto, the light festival occurred in Tadasu no Mori at the World Heritage Site of Shimogamo Shrine. This light festival was astonishing too. The egg-like spheres' colour changing through the meditating sound gave me some chill. It felt like this shrine plays with the colour naturally. Even this light festival was too crowded, I felt some new feelings. But I would like to recommend someone who wants to go to some exhibition not to choose the first day because it must be crowded and hard to feel the artworks naturally.
I was really glad that the tickets' prize was so affordable. I'm really looking forward to exploring another Teamlab's exhibition.