2014(平成26)年度平和中島財団 奨学生募集



国際課への書類提出期限は 2014年10月21日(月)です。
 ※※ 提出期限まであまり時間がありません。準備はお早めにお願いします!※※

◆応募資格 Qualification
Students who are enrolled in Japanese University when they apply (now), and who will be undergraduate student or graduate student of Iwate University at April 2014.
(2)在留資格が「留学」である者 Whose statue of visa must be "Student".
※注:①最短修業年限を超える者は対象としない。 Repeater in school cannot apply it.
If you have won this scholarship before, you cannot apply it again.
      Students who receive less than 30,000 yen from other scholarship can also apply for this scholarship.

◆奨学金の概要 Outline
・受給月額 Amount:100,000円 100,000 yen per month
・受給期間 Period:2013年4月~2014年3月(1年間) 1 year from April 2013 .
 ※ 本学から学部生1名、大学院生1名の計2名を推薦します。
  1 undergraduate student and 1 graduate student will be recommended from Iwate Univ.
  ※ 2014年4月に在籍する予定の学年で審査します。
 Applicants will be screened in the grade they will be enrolled in at April 2014. For example, if you are now undergraduate student and plan to go to graduate in April 2014, you will be treated as a graduate.

◆申請書類 Applications
Please submit all documents below to International Office by deadline.
締切:平成25年10月21日(木) 17:00  Deadline: October 21th Thu, 2013 5PM
 全て日本語で記入してください。Applicants must fill all forms in Japanese.

1. 奨学金申込書 Main application
2. 指導教員の推薦書 A letter of recommendation written by supervisor
3. 履歴書 Curriculum vitae
4. 身上書 Personal information
5. 成績証明書(コピー可)Academic record
"Undergraduate" applicants need the record of undergraduate (issued recently) and also that of the school they graduated in your home country.
"Graduate" students ...
[If you are now 4th grade undergraduate,] the record of undergraduate (issued recently) and also that of the school you graduated in your home country are needed.
・応募時に修士課程 ・・・現課程及び学部のもの
[If you are now in master's course,] the record of the master's course (issued recently) and also that of undergraduate are needed.
・応募時に博士課程 ・・・現課程、修士課程および学部のもの
[If you are now in doctoral course,] the record of the doctoral course (issued recently), master's course and undergraduate are needed.
6. パスポートの写し(顔写真のページ)Photocopy of passport
7. 在留カードの写し Photocopy of residence card