2024年度 SGH財団留学生奨学生募集




1.応募資格 Qualification(下記の条件全てを満たす学生が申請可能)
    Privately financed international students who have nationality in Southeast Asian nations
    (The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia)
   Undergraduate international students who will be in the 3rd grade in April 2024
   International students of master's courses who will enter Iwate University in April 2024
   International students of doctoral courses who will be in the 2nd grade (3rd grade in the School of Veterinary Science)
   in April 2024
   Undergraduate students less than 27 years old, graduate students less than 35 years old as of April 2024
   Applicants must be enrolled in April (students enrolled in October are not eligible to apply)
(5)他の奨学金を受けていない者 Students who do not receive any other scholarships

2.奨学金の概要 Outline
  支給額 Amount  学部・修士:月額120,000円yen/month  博士:180,000円yen/month
  支給期間 Period of scholarship 2024年4月から2026年3月まで  From April 2024 to March 2026
  採用予定人数  学部・修士:全国で20名程度 博士:全国で5名程度
  Number of people to be granted in total Undergraduate and Master's course: 20 Doctoral course: 5

3.岩手大学からの推薦者数 Number of Recommendation
  学部課程 (Undergraduate): 1名 
  修士課程 (Master's courses) : 1名 
  博士課程 (Doctoral courses) : 2名

  3月15日(金)17:00 March 15, 17:00 国際課へ提出 Submit to the International Office