2024年度後期 国際交流会館及び学生寮の入居者募集 Fall 2024Application for International House and dormitories

掲載日2024.7. 1


2024年10 月からの国際交流会館と学生寮入居者を募集します。入居を希望する方は、申請フォームから申し込んでください。

申請締切: 2024年8月2日(金) 厳守
結果通知: 9月中旬


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Now the International House and dormitory application for the Fall semester 2024 is open.

Please refer to the attached outline and the explanatory poster for details,
and apply by application form.

Qualification:Iwate University international students holding a "student visa"
The application deadline is August 2th (FRI) , 2024
The result notification: Middle of September

【Application form URL】

【Application form QR code】→→→→→→→→→

◆Room types◆ 

International House (Single room): 24 people
International House (Shared unit): 42people
Jikei-ryo (Twin room): 12 people
Kobai-ryo (Single): 6 people

*Since the International House and the dormitories (Jikei and Kobai-ryo) are group living, so residents need to follow the rules and manners.

*International students whose period of stay will expire in September 2024 and wish to continue staying at the International House or dormitory will need to apply again.

《Merits and Demerits of the International House》


・The International House is located on the University campus and supermarkets and a convenience store are nearby.
・You can stay with various international students.
・The boarding fee includes electricity, gas and water charges. It is also cheaper than other private apartments. (However, if you exceed the usage limit, there will be an additional charge.)
・A manager stays at the International House from Monday to Saturday to manage the facility and respond to residents' inquiries and requests


・The room's walls are thin, so you may hear your neighbor's voice from the next room.
・Some students feel the kitchen in the single room is a little narrow.

*More details can be found at the following URL.




☆Check out You Tube for our International House!